The venue, Estonian National Museum, is in the vicinity of the location of the historical Raadi Manor. The address of the Estonian National Museum is Muuseumi tee 2, 60532 Tartu.

You can find additional information about the venue on the official conference website here. You can also read about why the building is considered a modern landmark for Estonia on the Visit Estonia website here.

EMYA bus

A special EMYA2022 bus drives every morning and evening from hotels to the conference venue and back.

Bus stop for Hotel Tartu and Hotel Dorpat, next to Tartu Bus Station

Bus stop near Town Hall Square

City buses

You can get to the conference venue with Tartu's city bus nr 7 and nr 25. The bus ticket is 2 EUR/per ride and it can be bought from the bus. Please note that you can only pay in cash.

For those staying in VSpa, Dorpat, Art hotel Pallas or Tartu hotel, the stop is called Soola. It is in front of the main entrance to the Tasku shopping mall, across from Kvartal. The bus leaves from Soola stop 6 and 36 minutes past every hour. The ride from Soola stop to ERM takes 8-9 minutes.

For those staying in Lydia or London, the bus stop is Raeplats, which is across the Town Hall Square next to the fast-food restaurant Hesburger. It leaves 7 and 37 minutes past every hour.

For those staying in Raadimõisa hotel, the bus stop is Mõisavärava, which is on Kõrveküla-Tartu road. The bus leaves 25 and 55 minutes past every hour. It's a 11 minute walk through the manor park to the venue. 

If you are staying at Hektor Design Hostel, then you'll need to take a bus from Pauluse stop to the city centre (stop name: Kesklinn) and then take bus nr 7 to ERM. Pauluse stop is on Riia street in front of the Widget Factory. Almost every bus that stops there will also stop at the city centre.

The stop in front of the conference venue is called ERM (short for the Estonian National Museum). There is a screen in the bus, which shows the stop names and the stops are also announced via speaker. In order to get off the bus, you will need to press the stop button beforehand. 

You can search for different bus routes and stops on Tartu's city bus map HERE.

Bus nr 7 stops at the city centre:

Leaves every 30 minutes

Bus nr 25 stops at the city centre:

Route and stops of bus nr 7:

Route and stops of bus nr 25, from the train station to ERM:

Bus nr 25 departure times from Tartu Train Station

The bus times are in sync with train arrivals.